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We Serve Coffee at Events Globally and Locally

Here are 4 reasons why you should have us at your event


High Quality & Quantity 

  • More than 1000 cups served per day

  • Brewed using freshly roasted beans and top quality milk/milk alternatives 

Easy To Set Up

  • Modular cart design allows for plug and play

  • Small footprint of under 5 square metres easy to transport and deploy  

Conversation Starter
  • Automated ordering system sparks conversation on the new retail 

  • 6-axis cobot arm brewing coffee is a show-stopper at any event

High Media Value
  • Fully digital robot ordering experience attracts strong user social media content 

  • First in Singapore robot barista generates quality media headlines

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Are you looking for a coffee kiosk for your next event or exhibition?

We Offer Office Coffee Service

Create an office coffee culture to help your employees in these 4 ways

Encourage Creative Thinking

Exchanging ideas in a relaxed environment with a fantastic cup of coffee fuels creativity

Improves Wellbeing

​Coffee is scientifically proven to increase the serotonin (the happy hormone) in the brain, which not only makes you more alert, but also improves your mood


Increase Productivity

Offering employees small perks goes a long way in helping them to feel valued, which in turn increases productivity, engagement and helps to retain staff

Fosters Employee Interaction

The act of hanging around Ella while getting coffee fosters socializing with other coworkers and can raise employees’ spirits as they get to know one another better

Our Corporate Partners

Ella was recognised and invited to launch at SAP Innovation Center Network, as an example of an innovative platform that solves current and future problems of the world, serving hundreds of coffee daily to global visitors and staff.

scb logo.png

In line with Standard Chartered Bank’s vision to be the go-to bank for the new millennium, Ella was invited to launch at its office and have been serving coffee to queues daily.


Supporting Singapore’s agenda of being a smart nation, Ella was invited to launch a two months pop-up at the URA Centre as a proud contributor to Singapore’s innovation road map in the next 10 years


Looking for an office coffee service provider?

We Have Employee Engagement Plans

Exclusive discounts for coffee brewed by Singapore's First Robot Barista, Ella


No implementation fees

We understand companies may not have steep budgets for employee engagement plans. Hence, we are offering your company exclusive discounts for our coffee at no cost. 

Engage and retain your employees

Corporate discounts can help you make a statement that you care for your employees and appreciate their efforts. This in turn keeps them engaged and contribute to employee retention.


Looking for employee engagement plans?