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Ella For Retail

Your business never sleeps, and so does Ella, serving premium

artisanal coffee 24/7 to bring joy to people in the vicinity

Coffee as a Service

Elevate your space with Ella tailored for malls, hospitals, and corporate offices.


High Quality Barista Coffee

Experience the excellence of our coffee made from premium Buscaglione beans sourced from Italy, offering a diverse selection of options to suit every taste.

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Empowered by
Cutting-Edge Technology

Our cutting-edge robot barista, Ella, distinguishes itself by consistently and swiftly delivering delicious coffee at four times the speed of a human barista, with the capacity to handle 150-200 cups per hour.

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Seamless coffee ordering experience

Streamline your coffee orders with our user-friendly mobile app, enabling you to place your order in just 3 simple steps.

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Customisation of user journey

We have a full stack tech development team always ready to work with you to integrate your system with our order management system thereby reinventing your event coffee experience.

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Co-branding opportunities

We offer optional advertising services that include premium user interface placement up to 5 media spots on Ella cart, digital content exposure on up to three media spots in app/ on TOLED screen, and inclusion in our email communications.

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Event Support

We have a dedicated team of event crew to ensure Ella runs smoothly at any events.

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Explore Ella's Leasing Options

Elevate your space with Ella's premium coffee experience

Spark Joy On Premise

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Delight With Coffee

Present premium coffee with an innovative twist—
Ella embodies robotic elegance in action

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24/7 Premium Experience

Serve up premium coffee with the added element of technological novelty, Ella is robotic poetry in motion


Create Unforgettable Experiences

Set a new standard for customer experience by creating remarkable and memorable experiences

Ella Brings Joy To

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Hospitals (Sengkang General Hospital)

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Airports(Singapore Changi Airport T2, T3 A, and T3 B)

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Train Stations(Bytes Station)

The Ella Promise

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Premium Coffee

Brewed using Buscaglione beans ground-to-order from Rome, Italy Combination of strong notes from Arabica and Robusta offers a flavourful and awakening coffee experience

Wow Experience

Immerse yourself in a wow experience with Ella. From innovative brewing techniques to personalized service, we strive to astonish and delight at every turn, ensuring that your coffee journey with us is nothing short of extraordinary.

Available Anytime

Enjoy the convenience of Ella's availability anytime. Whether it's an early morning pick-me-up or a late-night work session, Ella stands ready to serve you, ensuring that satisfaction is always within reach.

Get Ella For Retail

Interested to get Ella the Robot Barista? Ella comes in many options to suit your needs:
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Leasing Ella

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Leasing Machines

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Franchise Ella

Retail Partners

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Connect with Our Team

Reach out to us to enhance your office experience with Ella’s interactive coffee!

Thanks for submitting!

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Corporate Referral Program

Know a company that needs Ella?

Our referral program rewards you for connecting! Reach out to us for via our referral program.


Refer a friend who is a

Interior Desinger


Refer a friend who is a

Rewards Manager


Refer a friend who is a


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