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Ella For Franchise

Bring the power and wonder of F&B robotics to your own country and get a head start to the competition with Ella
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In the future we may take steps towards seeking franchisees for markets where we do not have a presence.
If we seek a franchisee to represent us, the company will have the following characteristics:

High integrity, business experience in the market, history of success, ability to work well with a franchisor, retail experience, knowledge of the F&B market and significant capital.

High Margins

Ella enables high speed delivery of beverages up to 200 cups per hour, 24/7, 365 days a year, maximising business topline

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Low Operating Cost

Ella cuts down on staff and rental costs, which usually makes up to 60% of beverage cost through robotics

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Fast ROI

Placed in a high traffic location and with high throughput, Ella aims to providing a fast return on capital investment

Global Locations

Already thriving in Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Netherlands, USA, and Australia. Your adventure begins here!
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We supply all you need for success

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We provide in depth training and knowledge transfer to establish tech, business, operations and customer service teams.


We provide end-to-end SOPs and best practices from years of developing and running Ella units as a business.


Comprehensive technology transfer covering multiple subsystems, fine tuning, deployment and tech related support.


Sourcing of high quality beverage materials, with exact specifications to function on Ella units in a proper manner.

Sales and Marketing

Support and customisation of campaigns, turn key mobile app, monitoring dashboards and creative inputs for driving sales.

Successful Franchises

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The Ella Promise

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Premium Coffee

Brewed using Buscaglione beans ground-to-order from Rome, Italy Combination of strong notes from Arabica and Robusta offers a flavourful and awakening coffee experience

Wow Experience

Immerse yourself in a wow experience with Ella. From innovative brewing techniques to personalized service, we strive to astonish and delight at every turn, ensuring that your coffee journey with us is nothing short of extraordinary.

High Throughput

​Efficiency meets excellence with Ella's high throughput capabilities. Designed to serve large volume of beverages swiftly, Ella ensures ample business around the clock

Connect with Our Team

Get in touch for enquiries, opportunities and discussions about the future of F&B with Ella

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