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Ella For Events

Elevate your brand presence and drive conversions
at conventions and events

Lead Generation on Overdrive

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Captivate Your Audience

Seeking memorable brand experience? Ella helps your brand stand out from the crowd anywhere in the world

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Indulge in premium beverages while enjoying uninterrupted networking opportunities

Connect With Coffee

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Elevate your brand when visitors share their Instagram-worthy robot experiences across their social networks

Enhance Brand Visibility

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Ella is perfect for

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The Ella Promise

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Wow Experience

Immerse yourself in a wow experience with Ella. From innovative brewing techniques to personalized service, we strive to astonish and delight at every turn, ensuring that your coffee journey with us is nothing short of extraordinary.

High Throughput

Efficiency meets excellence with Ella's high throughput capabilities. Designed to serve large volume of beverages swiftly, Ella ensures ample business around the clock

Custom Menu

Tailor your coffee experience to your unique preferences with Ella's custom menu options. Whether it's creating bespoke blends or offering specialty drinks crafted just for you, we empower you to design a coffee experience that perfectly reflects your tastes and desires.

Get Ella For Expo

Interested to get Ella the Robot Barista? Ella comes in many options to suit your needs:
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Leasing Ella

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Leasing Machines

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Franchise Ella

Event Partners

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Connect with Our Team

Reach out to us to enhance your office experience with Ella’s interactive coffee!

Thanks for submitting!

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Corporate Referral Program

Know a company that needs Ella?

Our referral program rewards you for connecting! Reach out to us for via our referral program.


Refer a friend who is a

Interior Desinger


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Rewards Manager


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