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Ella For Offices

Create lasting impressions for your business guests and

drive inspiration for your workforce through the craft of coffee

Inspire Your Workplace

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Excite Visitors

Welcome visitors to your office with an awe-inspiring experience fuelled by robots and the mastery of coffee-making

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Inspire The Office

Fuelling collaboration with office coffee culture as coffee not only uplifts employees' mood and attitude but also cultivates social interaction among colleagues

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Reward Workforce

What better way to create a great working environment than being served fresh

premium coffee daily.

We Recommend Ella For

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Corporate Headquarters
Visitor Centres
Innovation Centres

The Ella Promise

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Premium Coffee

Brewed using Buscaglione beans ground-to-order from Rome, Italy Combination of strong notes from Arabica and Robusta offers a flavourful and awakening coffee experience

High Throughput

Efficiency meets excellence with Ella's high throughput capabilities. Designed to serve a large volume of coffee swiftly, Ella ensures that your team stay energized, keeping productivity levels high throughout the day.

Available Anytime

Enjoy the convenience of Ella's availability anytime. Whether it's an early morning pick-me-up or a late-night work session, Ella stands ready to serve you, ensuring that satisfaction is always within reach.

Get Ella For Workplace

Interested to get Ella the Robot Barista? Ella comes in many options to suit your needs:
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Leasing Ella

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Leasing Machines

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Franchise Ella

Corporate Partners

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Connect with Our Team

Reach out to us to enhance your office experience with Ella’s interactive coffee!

Thanks for submitting!

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Corporate Referral Program

Know a company that needs Ella?

Our referral program rewards you for connecting! Reach out to us for via our referral program.


Refer a friend who is a

Interior Desinger


Refer a friend who is a

Rewards Manager


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