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The world's most efficient barista

With the unique ability to serve over 1000 cups of specialty coffee in a day without breaks and with precision and consistency, Ella is changing how businesses and consumers optimise time and costs, without compromising on quality coffee.


Our Investors and Partners

In the Press

Our Business Model

Crown Digital has carved out the white market for the coffee industry - 

Grab & Go Gourmet Coffee for Commuters. 

Business To Customer(B2C)
  • Target Audience

    • ​Commuters

  • Locations

    • Transport Hubs

    • Malls

    • Airports

  • Revenue Model

    • Fully Own and Operate by Crown Digital.
      100% Cups Sales

Business To Business(B2B)
  • Target Audience

    • Corporate Facilities Manager

  • Locations

    • Corporate Offices

    • Institutions

    • Places of Interest

  • Revenue Model

    • Monthly lease

    • Monthly Software and Maintenance fees

    • Daily fulfilment billed on a monthly basis

    • Monthly coffee consumption charges

Rethinking the Coffee Retail Model

ELLA's Characteristics

Good Coffee 24/7

  • Tireless: Serves quality coffee efficiently any time of the day


  • Consistency: Automation allows for strict quality control.

Optimised Cost Structure

  • Small Footprint: 2.8m x 1.5m (low rental rate)

  • Fully Unmanned: Cost-savings

  • Plug & Play: Zero Set-up Cost

Loyal Customers

  • Convenient: Reduced waiting time, order while on-the-go

  • Engaging: Interactive Content on Transparent OLED keeps her customers entertained

  • High CLTVL Low CAC2: Payback by First Purchase

World-Class Operations

  • High Throughput: 200 cups an hour

  • Smart Supply Chain

  • Cloud based Monitoring and learning

  • 24/7 Operation


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