Transforming the F&B landscape and solving issues faced in the pandemic through ELLA.

Ella is more than a robotic barista. Her mission is to enter markets, and understand each city’s unique commuter coffee behaviour, and programme herself to deliver in the most satisfying and efficient way. She's AI-enabled, autonomous, contactless and seamless - a solution to the manpower and cost problems faced by the F&B industry. 
Ella is pandemic-friendly, serving clean, consistent gourmet coffee with zero contact. Her manner is friendly, her footprint is small. She's modular and is able to be deployed in any city across the world. 



The brainchild of experience-oriented innovators

ELLA’s transparent OLED screen features short attention-based games, and her AI makeup enables her to recommend mid-day perks based on data of your purchase behaviour.


The process is engaging, personalised, interactive, and right at your fingertips.

A wake-me-up ecosystem – OLED screens play short attention-based games 

A plug-and-play model means no renovation and no downtime

A perk-me-up ecosystem – Data informs Ella to recommend mid-day perks based on your past purchases and buying patterns

Minimal manpower and a small footprint means low operation costs

An autonomous coffee kiosk with less than 6 square metre retail footprint, Ella is able to be deployed in high density locations, with the same output as a traditionally manned coffee shop.

ELLA serves Buscaglione coffee, which is roasted from Italy.

Strong and robust, her coffee is a perfect perk-me-up.

She is designed to access multiple touchpoints: 

she comes with a mobile app, an ordering kiosk,

and her TOLED receives ordering information. 

Efficient and Feasible through Technology

24/7 Operability
  • No overtime cost

  • Average service life of 33,000 hours

360 Cups/Hour
  • Fastest through put in the market

  • 4x faster than human

Lower Footprint
  • Low rental

  • Widely deployable

  • Fully autonomous

  • Manpower cost savings

Range of dimensions and specs at your request


3m x 1.7m x 2m

Design for:

High density, high volume places

Good for:

Office Campus, Exhibitions, Malls, Transport Hubs, Theme Parks, Places of Interest


2m x 1.5m x 2m

Design for:

Places with space constraints and less traffic

Good for:

Mid-sized Offices, Art Galleries, Museums 


1m x 1.15m x 2m

Design for:

Small area, low volume

Good for:

Co-working space and Hotels

Consistent, Gourmet Quality Coffee 24/7

Inhouse Barista
Pantry Machine

ELLA At Your Venue

Tailor your Company's Unique
Experience with ELLA
  • Remote Ordering on Mobile App 

  • Content on TOLED for Advertisement and Engaging Content

  • Customisable Kiosk's Aesthetic

  • Customisable Coffee Cup

  • Customisable Latte Art (for ELLA X only)

End-to-end Service
  • Maintenance (as required)

    • Onsite servicing and software updates to ensure optimal functionality

  • Fulfilment 

    • Onsite replenishment of supplies

  • Supplies 

    • Coffee beans

    • Milk

    • Chocolate

  • Customer support (phone/email support)

    • For technical support and queries

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What kind of coffee can I expect?

Ella uses a fully automated Barista Coffee Machine. We brew our coffee with fresh beans, fresh milk with an option for plant-based milk.

How is Ella set up?

Ella is designed for plug & play. The kiosk is modular, which means there is no downtime for renovation. All we need is power and a water outlet and she will be fully functional 24/7.

How often does Ella need to be replenished by a human?

Ella lasts 360 cups per replenishment, and each replenishment takes only 10 minutes.

How would the crew know that Ella needs maintenance or replenishment?

Crown uses smart inventorial tracking to ensure 24 hour operability and zero OOS situations to notify the crew when there are anomalies and low supplies in ingredients.

How extensive is the menu?

Ella’s menu consists of coffee in hot and iced, with an option for flavour customisation. She can make up to 200 drink combinations depending on locale, needs, and demands.

Buy Or Lease

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Do you need better amenities for your venue?

Focus on your main business and leave serving coffee to us.

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