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Business Solutions

Whether you're a company looking to boost productivity, a retail mall wanting to offer a unique experience, a transport node seeking to keep travelers fuelled, or a cafe looking to stand out from the competition, we have the perfect solution for you!

Encourage Creative Thinking

A good cup of coffee is a stimulant for improving creativity and a better working environment

Foster Collaboration

Ella’s interactive coffee experience in the office can enhance collaboration among colleagues as they catch up and have fun conversations

Increase Productivity

Caffeine in coffee blocks the effects of adenosine, a chemical that causes fatigue, leading to increased alertness and improved mental performance


Host Events

Ella could be used as part of team-building events or office parties, providing a fun and unique activity for colleagues to enjoy together

Retain Staff

Offering premium, high-quality coffee experience at work shows that their company is willing to invest in their wellbeing

Our Corporate Partners
Office Coffee Service

Create an office coffee culture to help your employees in these 5 ways


Ella was recognised and invited to launch at SAP Innovation Center Network, as an example of an innovative platform that solves current and future problems of the world, serving hundreds of coffee daily to global visitors and staff.

scb logo.png

In line with Standard Chartered Bank’s vision to be the go-to bank for the new millennium, Ella was invited to launch at its office and have been serving coffee to queues daily.


Supporting Singapore’s agenda of being a smart nation, Ella was invited to launch a two months pop-up at the URA Centre as a proud contributor to Singapore’s innovation road map in the next 10 years

Latest addition to our slew of clients, CISCO systems aim to keep their employees connected through great coffee from us just like how they help enterprises stay connected via their technology. 


Looking for an office coffee service provider?

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