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ELLA at GITEX Technology Week 2021

Make way, Ella has travelled through skies and oceans to get to Dubai for the GITEX 2021 Technology Week!

Ella has been called back for the 2nd time and dare we say, she might even be the crowd’s favourite. She just has a way with her words to cache your heart. (see what we did there?)

Our goal was to showcase ELLA as one of the world’s first successful robot baristas, and given the overwhelming positive response from the convention ELLA surely had everyone buzzing!

With a retail footprint of less than five square metres, ELLA can serve up to 200 cups of gourmet coffee in an hour, via a safe, cashless, and contactless experience. ELLA surprised many eager visitors by serving over 700 cups of exceptional coffee per day at GITEX.

Being able to make quality coffee in a fast, safe, and efficient manner positions ELLA as an essential piece of technology for a post-pandemic world.

Thank you @Etisalat for inviting ELLA and Crown Digital to be part of this amazing exhibition.

With the excitement received from Dubai we cannot wait to share ELLA with the rest of the world.


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