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  • What kind of coffee can I expect?
    Ella uses a fully automated Barista Coffee Machine. We brew our coffee with fresh beans, fresh milk with an option for plant-based milk.
  • How is Ella set up?
    Ella is designed for plug & play. The kiosk is modular, which means there is no downtime for renovation. All we need is power and a water outlet and she will be fully functional 24/7.
  • How often does Ella need to be replenished by a human?
    Ella lasts 360 cups per replenishment, and each replenishment takes only 10 minutes.
  • How would the crew know that Ella needs maintenance or replenishment?
    Crown uses smart inventorial tracking to ensure 24 hour operability and zero OOS situations to notify the crew when there are anomalies and low supplies in ingredients.
  • How extensive is the menu?
    Ella’s menu consists of coffee in hot and iced, with an option for flavour customisation. She can make up to 200 drink combinations depending on locale, needs, and demands.
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