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We Served coffee at more than 50 events globally

We Are The Leading Coffee Events Partner

High Quality & Quantity 

  • More than 1000 cups served per day

  • Brewed using freshly roasted beans and top quality milk/milk alternatives 

Easy To Set Up

  • Modular cart design allows for plug and play

  • Small footprint of under 5 square metres easy to transport and deploy  

Conversation Starter
  • Automated ordering system sparks conversation on the new retail 

  • 6-axis cobot arm brewing coffee is a show-stopper at any event

High Media Value
  • Fully digital robot ordering experience attracts strong user social media content 

  • First in Singapore robot barista generates quality media headlines

Corporate Offices
Corporate Offices

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Are you looking for a coffee kiosk for your next event or exhibition?

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