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Our Business Model

Crown Digital has carved out the white market for the coffee industry - 

Grab & Go Gourmet Coffee for Commuters. 

Business To Customer(B2C)
  • Target Audience

    • ​Commuters

  • Locations

    • Transport Hubs

    • Malls

    • Airports

  • Revenue Model

    • Fully Own and Operate by Crown Digital.
      100% Cups Sales

Business To Business(B2B)
  • Target Audience

    • Corporate Facilities Manager

  • Locations

    • Corporate Offices

    • Institutions

    • Places of Attractions

  • Revenue Model

    • Proceed from Sale or Lease of ELLA

    • Monthly Income from:

      1. Daily Fulfilment Operations

      2. Sales of Raw Materials (beans & milk)

      3. After sales servicing

Rethinking the Coffee Retail Model

ELLA's Characteristics

Good Coffee 24/7

  • Tireless: Serves quality coffee efficiently any time of the day


  • Consistency: Automation allows for strict quality control.

Optimised Cost Structure

  • Small Footprint: 2.8m x 1.5m (low rental rate)

  • Fully Unmanned: Cost-savings

  • Plug & Play: Zero Set-up Cost

Loyal Customers

  • Convenient: Reduced waiting time, order while on-the-go

  • Engaging: Interactive Content on Transparent OLED keeps her customers entertained

  • High CLTVL Low CAC2: Payback by First Purchase

World-Class Operations

  • High Throughput: 200 cups an hour

  • Smart Supply Chain

  • Cloud based Monitoring and learning

  • 24/7 Operation

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