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Factory Visit

Ella the robot barista is proudly made in Singapore. If you are curious to see how our robot kiosks are built and what it takes to run the world's leading robot barista, head down for a visit to our factory! Simply fill up the form below and get in touch with us


Robot Factory Highlights


Robot Kiosk Assembly Line

Watch how we build Ella the robot barista from scratch, putting together all the parts to make her work.


Data & Analytics

Learn how we use numbers and stats to make Ella better at making coffee, by understanding what people like.

3d-printing (1).png

3D Printing and Hardware

See how we use fancy 3D printers to make parts for Ella, and learn about the stuff that makes her tick.


Menu Innovation

Find out how we come up with cool new drinks for Ella to make, always trying out fresh ideas.


Software Engineering

Check out the computer stuff that makes Ella do her job well, like coding and programming.


Coffee Tasting and Sampling

Taste some yummy coffee made by Ella and try different kinds to see what you like best.

The Ella Promise

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Premium Coffee

Brewed using Buscaglione beans ground-to-order from Rome, Italy Combination of strong notes from Arabica and Robusta offers a flavourful and awakening coffee experience

Wow Experience

Immerse yourself in a wow experience with Ella. From innovative brewing techniques to personalized service, we strive to astonish and delight at every turn, ensuring that your coffee journey with us is nothing short of extraordinary.

Pioneering Technology

Step into the future of coffee culture: a robotic barista serving up your perfect cup with cutting-edge technology. Get ready for a blend of innovation and flavour that'll leave you buzzing with excitement.

Recent Visits


Connect with Our Team

Reach out to us to enhance your office experience with Ella’s interactive coffee!

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